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Philippine National Police Provides Notice of Awards for Pistol, Rifle, Helmet, Helicopters and Boat Bidders

The Philippine National Police recently awarded several firearms, force protection equipment, and helicopter acquisition project to different contractors which submitted their bids late last year.

This blog entry is for the record of these acquisitions, as keeping them on Facebook will cover these in a matter of weeks.

Firearms (Pistols, Rifles):

Among those firearm acquisition projects that were awarded are the following:

1. Supply of 9mm Striker Fired Pistol Lot 1, covering 1,920 pistols with an approved budget of Php53,952,000.00, was awarded to the Joint Venture of R. Espineli Trading and Israel Weapon Industries Ltd. (IWI) of Israel on November 2017, with a submitted bid amount of Php53,664,000.00 As confirmed by a MaxDefense source, the pistol offered by R.Espineli-IWI JV is the IWI Masada 9mm pistol.

2. Supply of 9mm Striker Fired Pistol Lot 2, covering 10,000 pistols with an approved budget of Php281 million, was awarded this February 2018 to the Joint Venture of Nashe Enterpr…

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